Fun Projects

1. Candle Drawing
Remember when we’re kids? It’s my childhood projects, making magic pictures appears when you paint it. Just make any kind of drawing in a white paper- using candles or soft white crayon, choose the ordinary candle, not birthday candle cause it’s too small. Now the fun begin, because you don’t really know what the drawing would be.. draw a cat in the middle- the snowman on the right, flower everywhere.. then paint it! Make sure the colours not to soft.. voila! You get what you draw.. :)). Our work it’s rather abstract I think, but I’m sure you can do better hehehe…

2. Mine -o – Lantern
Build your own lantern, using:
1. Flashlight
2. Rubber made dolls or balls or whatever that have a transparent look.
Put on top of the flash, turn it on- eurekaaa- that looks awesome haha!

Don’t stop here, play pretend… I use pooh as the heroes, sponge bob as the ghost.. and the ball as the must be save-one 🙂

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