Tissue Rolls Figure
This is Mika’s 2nd figure of little Einstein *the 1st edition is already tore up and being re-draw by ‘the’ father as an ‘eeee-vil little Einstein’ so probably better if I didn’t shoe it in here…

It’s easy to make, just dont throw away your tissue roll cardbox, I just draw the figure on a thick paper and glued it on the tissue roll… simple, but fun… and it won’t break and doesn’t cost you a rupiah… blink!

Books – 101 Fun & Mind Stimulating Things to do with Your Kids ( 2-6 years) – By Elex Media

This is a book by Arleen Amidjaja, a colleague of mine, a writer- an active one, right Leen? 🙂

And I’m honoured to take part of this book as an illustrator, I’ve read all the content during the production process, and I think that Arleen is -a good- very creative- working mother- I think every mother should think creatively to play with their loved ones, with everything that you can use as a plaything.

I’m not promoting, just read it.. and you know there’s still many things you can share to play with your little ones, it’s not all about high prices toys that parents can buy, it’s about your time that you can share during the playing – and -making of – process..

Read and enjoy!

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