may 1st, 2007 a burglar came into our house!

shut! 😦
It was like an ordinary morning, Peter take a cup of coffe before he goes to work, that’s when he realized that his laptop is missing, we still think- maybe it was left on the car, but when we ‘still’ cannot find it, that when the adrenalin started to rush.. then we cannot find our cellphone- and the camera- and the wallet..
Theres a burglar inside the house last night… *_*
there was an uneasy feeling, more like having a headache, it not about the material but more about the nonsecure feels.. yuck!

We found the wallet on the backyard, dropped, with the all the money- of course- gone.
It’s a miracle we found the laptop on the roof, the burglar left it there with all the plugs and mouse, cd, etc- etc.., but he took the suitcase.. – still wonder- how come- well lets say he still took pity on us, or think about the difficulties of selling the laptop, or.. stupid?
he take our cell phone, and my beloved camera.., but thanks God he didn’t harmed us..
like the host on one quiz show in Indonesia used to say: Selamatkan keluarga anda! ( save your family!)
once again thanks God…

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