Bubble things.. 🙂

Many playthings can be made from bubble.., and you will never get bored with it..

You can blow the liquid soap from the bucket, and let it becoming bigger and bigger.. and for the ordinary things- just blow the bubble in the air.. , don’t stop there.. play bubble chase with your little one, make caterpillar from the bubble- take a bunch of bubble and put it in your plant..

or play hide and seek with the bubble- you will need a stronger soap liquid for these, to make them stay a little longer, just in time to be found.., don’t worry too much about the bubble spilled in the process, or how your kid will ask for more and more bubble – stay focus on the fun things :)..


Like ordinary windmill, but it’s not ordinary for my little one, it’s her first bunch of windmill.. :), I make a few of it, consist of many colors, and it gives huge happiness, even when the windmill only last for about- hmmm- one week? :D.. hehee…
She run with it to and fro, she puff it like the big bad wolf, pretending that she was the wolf itself, she put it on her bicycle..

what a great invention.. it is worth to make..!

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