Illustration Friday – Car

As a child, I used to make this car-things from a citrus fruit of true Indonesian origin. It is a rather large fruit sometimes nearly as big as a football. Its name is jeruk Bali or Bali pomelo. After we eat the juicy flesh, we use the thick skin to make a car or sailing boat toys :), my mom also make me a ‘costume’ called ‘ baju monyet’ – ‘monkey shirt’, I dont know where the name come from, but the shirt(?) has an ‘overall’ look, with 2 buttons on the top and a pocket to store our treasure, like marble, leaf, stones.. 😀

soo.. are you ready to play car?

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  1. I really love your illustration style and enjoyed your childhood story. That is so wonderful! I never knew about the jeruk bali! Sounds wonderful!

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