Got my new camera- yaay!!

After searching for quite sometimes, I choose Sony DSC H7 (prosumer class) well I don’t have budget to buy those lovely-droolingly- DSLR camera .. :), it’s been 3 days and all I can say is I love it.., buy it online from ek-gadget, I got a 1 G Memory Stick for free – wide smile :D!
I never touch a SLR camera since I graduate from college, so I think it’s better to restart from now on, one thing that I might note that, all the images taken seems great :P.. well.. if you compare it with the pocket camera.. (my beloved sony P10) , 1 of my friend seriously made a comment ,”of course it make a difference.. !” haha.. okay! I will make use of the PASM mode, just teach me your kungfu, master!
It’s true that the size is quite small, and for the first timer it gave a little difficulties to adjust with, but I think I manage that.. overall I’ll recommend it- such a SONY lover am I not?

Mika behavior test ISO 800. Apperture Mode

My sweet mom and mika. Manual Mode

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