IF – rejection

So the three little pig reject their supper – with the same menu- ” … broccoli soup that their mother had been given them for 3 times a week.. “ – and never go back to their home… and this is where the story begin… 😀

21 thoughts on “

  1. Funny and adorable work! It looks like the littlest pig in the back is going to blow chunks any minute!Great expressions.

  2. Yeah! We had the same idea with the veggies, but we did it in two very different ways! I love your piggies, this illo is soooo funny! And running is probably my son’s choice in front of veggies too! LOL 🙂Great Job!

  3. I also had the same idea… But between your work and Gaia’s I’m starting to feel ashamed :SThis illo is wonderful !!!

  4. Oh|! such adorables piggies.I had’nt the same idea about broccoli….I love it!!Your style is fresh and funny!Bellissimo.Cata.

  5. What a great style you have, so colorful and fresh! Poor mama pig… but hey! I love broccoli soup mama pig! I’ll be right over.

  6. This is adorable! I LOVE the pig that looks like he will barf any minute!! Was reading some of your other posts…I might try some of these ideas with my grandson.

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