It’s been one year
It’s been one year since I left my last job, took 2 years of thinking and consideration before I finally decide to quit, still wondering what should I do to make the fastest adaptation between work and home.

I’m not the kind of person who’s good at keeping the house tidy, make a good cook . well- I’m learning now …J, but yes. I do like to be around my daughter, and after one year that was the best reason why I should stay at home. That’s the first reason.

Second. I like drawing.
Started to draw by trying to imitate Japan comic character “Candy2’ when I was 11 years old.
I never used my illustration skill for work, be an illustrator is like dreaming for me. Kinda hobby.

Then 6 month later, I stumbled into a friend multiply page Tita, she was a great comic artist and lecturer, and Ella, a wonderful person, a very talented watercolor artist , thanks to you guys. Whether you know it or not , you’ve been a great inspiration for me.

From there I run into one forum called ‘Illustration Friday’ , this forum was like a spirit booster for me, these guys, all these guys.. is so down to earth. You never know how one comment could make a difference in your life, and this forum do it in a very positive way. Thanks to you guys. You never know how much it means for me.

Stop here. It sound a little bit like the oscar moment? Isn’ t it? Well.. let me finish then…
Mike R Baker, a funny and wonderful person, theres Tina Vaziri who always have time to visit your work whether it’s bad or good one, and many more…

Well.. that’s for now. I’m gonna sip a tea before getting back to work.
As an illustrator of course.

Yaaaaayyy….! I’m doing the rain dance- I’m doing the rain dance!!

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  1. wah ada kredit buat saya…!! kikikii…tengs gin. iya bener, ikutan IF is the best thing i ever joined ever. seumur hidup blom pernah ada yg ngasih komplimen kaya orang2 IF, pujian2 mereka meskipun kadang bikin malu tapi bikin kita terpacu untuk selalu bikin yg bagus dan bagus lagi…bener gak? 🙂 yg tadinya gak pede ikutan IF karena liat artist2 laen yg karyanya bagus2 (liat deh posting pertama saya di the enigma…), jadi pede setelah dapet apresiasi bagus! hmm thx to internet! 😀

  2. You’re so sweet! And way to go on quiting your job to stay home with your daughter and to draw! I can’t think of any better reasons than those.

  3. yay…alot of what you had sad resonated with me…. I quit my job about a year and a half ago and I am having the time of my life. IF is a wonderful place, isn’t it? I met so many encouraging people. Good luck and keep on drawing!

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