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  1. RYC: thanks so much for stopping by and the comment! =) Saw your web design on the BNI project, very nice!

  2. Oh Please! I know exactly what he found. Your illustration is darling, true to life, and now I am hoping his mom gives him a kleenex to carry around.

  3. hmmm… as a matter of fact.. errr.. I still remember something like this when I was a little girl… hahahhaha! Don’t give me that yucky look, I just trying to be honest.. :’D!!

  4. inget ngak, gambarmu yg anak pake kostum wortel ngupil, itu salah satu cara untuk relaxing dan menghilangkan stress lho !!:D cobain gra…

  5. Yucky!!! I love it!!! He looks so amazed with his discovery! What a treasure! I don´t want to imagine where will it end 🙂I love the linework!!!

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