at Emak House

We like to visit Emak (grandma) at least 2 times a week … it always nice to play at Emak house, so many trees, and many stuff that we can use as playthings.. 🙂 and emak always have a lot of candies – sigh! 🙂

-play with Aunt Ave- she make a christmas tree- ala Mika– with rafia (plastic rope) tied all over it 🙂

– gathering the Mahoni seed- it can twirl like a helicopter when you threw it up in the air … ,

and play with the eggshell, Emak like to decorate the plant with egg shell, and Mika like to collect them all pretending it was a egg fruit… *_*

One thought on “

  1. wah gin lg sibuk ya… berlibur ke rumah emak.. 🙂 padahal topik IF lagi menarik nih (menurutkuh). tau nggak, jalan kecil di rumah itu ngingetin saya sama rumah nenek jaman dulu…persis! ^_^

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