Illustrated Postcard Exchange
This is the postcard I made for Emila, I’m going to sent it tomorrow.. ! Emila make an exchange postcard event for everybody who’s interested, just illustrate the postcard as you wish, and sent it!

This is between Mika and Yassin, kids language around the world- toys!

I also ask Mika to sign the postcard, she decide to draw a man as her signature, and she’s bending the rule by making one of the leg cross over the balloonword… 0_0


7 thoughts on “

  1. Awww this is so cool!! Thank you so much!! I love it! Yassin has already gone to bed, will show him tomorrow, he’ll love it as well. He likes robot and lego!

  2. Bah! It was my idea to exchange postcards with Emila first! And now she’s getting all these FANTASTIC pieces! I WANT THIS! I’ll get you for this, Emila! Grrrr!Seriously, exceptionally cute! 🙂

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