Independence Day Carnaval in school

Mika’s going to have her first Independence Day carnaval this Friday
so what do you want to be?
We are free to choose between a Profession , Fairy Tale or Traditional Costume, consider the budget, attractivity and effectivity this is the alt.

First alternatives: witch or 2nd alternatives-Hula Dancer like in Lilo & Stitch , both is easy to make, I tend to choose the hula dancer costume considering the heat in Jakarta lately… 😥 pyuh.. I guess we’ve got the global warming impact already..

But at last she choose the witch costume, well.. it have the moon paper and star attached to it, remind me of Albus Dumbledore, we borrowed it from cousin James and it comes without hat, so we’d make one.. and it comes like this.., it have the pink hair like Tonks { if you read HP you’ll know Tonks 🙂 }

I’d find the pattern from the internet :: forgot the site .. but it look like this, quite easy to follow..

ow ow… and tomorrow we’ll going to find some stick and make a wand from it… 🙂

6 thoughts on “

  1. gin, lucu banget kostum witch-nya…! pantesan ga entri-entri ke IF, sibuk nyiapin karnavalnya mika ya? ibu yg baik! ^_^

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