IF- Alphabet & Postcard for Ella

C is for Cc the Cat
L is for Linny the Lizard
It is the difference that unite us all..

one night Linny ask Cc for a dinner with him..,

and Cc said,” No, you don’t have a tender and soft fur like me, I’m afraid of your spike!…

But I have a heart that is more tender than my spike, and it is just for you … :)…” said Linny smiling..
Will she accept the dinner.. what do you say..?

This drawing is also a postcard for Ella.
Ella, this one is for you, hope you like it :D, which one do you choose as a pet, Linny or Cc? I guess I know the answer heeehee…

8 thoughts on “

  1. Very interesting art… a pretty and personal style… I like the handling of the color… and the security of the outlines…Best wishes from Buenos Aires…< HREF="http://www.alexiev.com.ar" REL="nofollow">http://www.alexiev.com.ar<>< HREF="http://www.alexiev.blogspot.com" REL="nofollow">Alexiev Store<>

  2. How wonderful! The characters are adorable and I LOVE the necklaces…its so funny yet really cute.Linny is one smooth talker. Maybe Cc should give him a chance 🙂

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