Going to the Circus

I’ve never been to a circus before.., The circus called The Oriental Circus Indonesia, since I was small this is the only circus we have in here, until now, and from the information from the MC, they’re under the Taman Safari Indonesia Foundation

Overall it’s quite good looking at the trapeze action, the acrobat and the clown jump all over the place.. We bring grandma too. Mika is quite amazed looking at all the commotion :).

The truth is.. I’m felt rather uneasy about the circus animal.. well.. I’m the kind of person who prefer to see all those animals in their own habitat, thats what will make me happier… 🙂

Wouldn’t you?

2 thoughts on “

  1. bbrp minggu yang lalu gue liat tenda sirkus di lippo cikarang, ratri langsung kegirangan, tapi waktu itu krn pas acara sekolah jadi ga bisa mampir liat, wah seru ternyata ya gin, nyesel dech ga nonton

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