IF- Zoo
IF- zoo

guys, lets go to the zoo and say hi to your friends ‘key..?

First sketch 🙂
A little bit cynism in this half finished piece..
and a little bit confusion about the ‘zoo’ definition.. where is- what is- a zoo? – anyway..

IF- zoo3

16 thoughts on “

  1. yang atas manis gin, tapi yg sarkastis di bawah itu lebih keren lagi…! nah itu dia kebun binatang in real life….!! hahaaaaaaaaa

  2. both the cynical and the sweet interpretation of the topic are great. Do you think you could finish the sketch? It would be great to see final version of this one, too.

  3. Dear friends.. I’ll try to finished the second sketch, thanks for all the comments, the first one is a sweet little everyday things, the second is the real thing happening around us, especially if you have a two hours traffic jam heeheee…

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