Meme Tag

Got a meme tag from Linda Silvestri 🙂
Linda is an artist, who sketched and make a wonderful illo, check her site on
Sketched Out, I love her funny character illustration!

Ok this is my meme…. 1. I love ‘kerupuk’ – ( rice crackers) , cannot live without it. Javanese people always have their main lunch accompanied with ‘kerupuk’- ‘sambal’ (chili sauce) – and ‘sweet hot tea’.. . Come visit and I’ll show you 😀

2. I read Laura Ingalls Wilder again and again. Knowing that there was time when one could treasure a candy and a nickel for Christmas present- a window glass- a wind that blow in open air, thats really could make your life easier.

3. I prefer animal softtoys rather than Barbie. Never like her. Sorry to Mattel 😀

4. I’m a bigfan of Hayao Miyazaki. The most I loved from his movie is ‘Totoro’ and ‘Spirited Away’ check out his site.

5. I have three original movie poster from Star Wars from episode 4 to 6. And I still don’t know where to put them, ever thought of selling them… glad I’m not .I think I still like Chewy….

6. I tend to skip the sketching process in tight schedule project,but at last I have an enlightenment, never- never- never bypass the sketching process!

7. I cannot tell the taste problems between Starbuck and Nescafe, both are delicious for me.. .Oh I know the differences- the price! ok. you can laugh at this one 😀

8. and I’m addicted to blogging- knowing creative people, the craft they make, the way people live on the other side of the world *_*. Oh dear what a wonderful www.

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  1. I liked reading the random things about you. I am also a Hayao Miyazaki fan. His movies are absolutely amazing and I love the message he sends through his movies. Spirited Away is my favorite too (if I had to pick just one), though almost all his movies I have seen I love. I went to the link and noticed there are a few more I need to see – which makes me very happy:)Thanks for sharing!

  2. It was really great to read about you! I’ve never had kerupuk, but sounds like something I’d love, especially if it was accompanied by sambal and sweet hot tea!I agree, it really is a wonderful www! Thanks for joining the tag.Linda :0)

  3. Wah, mbak Gina saya juga cinta kerupuk, Laura Inggalls, animal softtoy, spirited away.. Tapi aku lebih suka starbucks soalnya lebih pait. nescafe cenderung kecut dan manis (kalau yang udah mix)

  4. kelly: do you know ghibli is working on a water colour animation movie, can you imagine that? I can’t wait to see it 🙂linda: you should try one and tell me how you feel about ‘kerupuk’ LOL 😀sharon: waaah sama donngg! btw. seri anchestornya si Laura Ingalls ngak terlalu seru ya, udah baca blum?

  5. Udah baca. Ga terlalu seru kok emang. Mungkin dia ingin mengikuti ketenaran dari si laura.. Tapi anaknya bukanya juga jurnalis ya?

  6. Kalo dibaca sih jurnalis kayaknya ya, cuman beda cara nulis kali, cerita yg tentang emak buyutnya malah bikin ngantuk -_- , padahal tadinya udah semangat 45 belinya 😀

  7. Watercolour, you say? WOW! That is going to be gorgeous and amazing. I am going to have to keep an eye out for that – a definite must see. Thanks for letting me know 🙂

  8. oh wow, we are very similar!!! Oh I definitely prefer soft toys/animals rather than barbie. I never played with barbie when I was little.Oh I am a big fan of totoro and spirited away too 🙂My significant other is half Indonesian, so his family always have alot of kerupuk and sambal around!

  9. Mbaaaa, Im a big fans of Miyazaki’s toooooooooooo!! Favorit aku spirited away, princess mononoke sama howl’s moving castle! Eh sama Kiki’s Delivery Service! Itu mah semua aja atuh ya? Hahahaha…

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