Countdown to Christmas 🙂

– Mah bisa nyetir mobil ngak?
+ Ngak bisa
– Beli pohon jauh ya mah?
+ Iya..
– Papah kerja ya mah
+ Iya.., beli pohonnya akhir minggu aja ya..
– Pake ojek bisa ngak mah..
+ hngngnnngng… @$%^ *_*

niat buat pake pohon beneran terpaksa ngak jadi, gara2 sikonyil yang udah ribut duluan minta pasang pohon ..

– Mom can you drive a car?
+ Can’t dear..
– Is it very far for us to go to the tree nursery?
+ Yes dear ..
– Is dad going to work today mom?
+ Yes, dear we can buy the tree on the weekend ok….
– Can we go there by ‘ojek’ mom..? *ojek- a motorcycle taxi
+ hngngnnngng… @$%^ *_*

Thats the story why we cancelled buying a real tree..

:: she’s big enough to put the decoration by herself now 🙂

:: I think it’s enough for now, gotta find something nice to decorate later 🙂 yaay!!

4 thoughts on “

  1. gin, yang bener niy bisa serapi ini? *sirik mode on** atau krn mau diphoto yaa? sejujurnya tawaran minggu kmr itu sangat menggiurkan, gue selalu suka kalo bisa mampir kerumah lu, pulangnya selalu terinspirasi do smt buat rumah, tapi sayang waktunya singkat, gue bakal balik lagi gin, pasti huahuahauahuaaa….

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