Time. give me more time :)

Lots of things to do, I don’t even have time to do my Christmas Project for Mika… arggh, hope there’s still time to do it, it’s a secret anyway..

Planning to make a Christmas gift, and I feel a little bit like Laura Ingalls, hiding a Christmas secret for the whole family, and it’s feel fun!

I’m taking a driving lesson for the past week, this is my second time 🙂 and this time I’m intend to make it work!

And of course there’s still a dateline to catch, end of the year is always the bussiest time as always.

With the illustration to make, and a revision from me- I use to revise my work after I finished it, you know- the ego– nothing is perfect until the time is up. ..

Wish me luck!

3 thoughts on “Time. give me more time :)

  1. So .. Good luck Gina!I know that feeling, time looks like never is enough to do the things we need to do. But as Bobby McFerrin sings: don’t worry, be happy.Thanks for your visit and keep doing that beautiful illustrations.

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