Our first lunch on the year 2008

We do feel like the bear family in the Goldilocks Tale, isn’t it sweet.. from the smallest to the biggest, and the little bear suddenly very eager to eat her meal.
New year- it feels ackward to walk in the new timeframe, it’s like that you have to do something- you’ve got to make a to-do-list already, well.. I think I’m gonna begin with a simple plan first.. what’s the plan? dunno yet.. but it’s better for me to write it down, one thing for sure- I want to illustrate a children books, and I wish it will be an Indonesian story book, or something that got to do with the local culture.. Wish me luck in this .. 🙂

Good news in the new year

Nestle already produce their product, Dancow– it’s a kids milk product, and my illustration is on its packaging, it’s a temporary illustration for their promotion and gimmick, but I’m quite glad with it 🙂

I haven’t buy the product, but this is the character study and final :).

7 thoughts on “

  1. halo g, happy new year..masih ingat kah kau dengan atc kita buat natalan? sorry ya, aku kelupaan…..sampe malam taon baru masih kerja..hehe

  2. Hey, congratulations on the gig with Nestle. Great job on the illos. I also wish you luck on the children’s book. I’m sure it will be beautiful and adorable, with your talent!

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