IF- Tales and Legend

A folklore about the eclipse from Indonesia, the details is from Bali, and the one that I know is from Java :). Peoples used to play ‘kentongan‘- a traditional alarm system made from bamboo, that can give a very loud sound, it was meant to scared the ‘Kala’ and make the moon free again..

Kala Rahu’s head, angry at the Sun and Moon for reporting the theft pursues them through the sky and swallows one or the other, since Kala Rahu has no body the sun or moon will reappear after passing his mouth.

more details>

and I’m happy about the happy ending.. 🙂

7 thoughts on “

  1. Oh wow! I really love this!! The colors, the movement, the expressions, and of course, your wonderful style! Also, really enjoyed the Balinese folklore about the eclipse. Fascinating.

  2. In Chinese’s version, people using steel pot or anything else that can make out loud noise to frighten away the cloud from swallow the full-moon.Very interesting story and great illo.

  3. beautiful, e! i just lovvvve how the hair looks like tendrils of fire…totally consuming them, and how you put them together as the eclipse, the sun and moon. great piece! 🙂

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