IF- Choose

Again, I make the green monkeys, yes I love green monkey,
maybe someday I will make the figure :).
I even make the wallpaper for this green-wise monkeys, just click here to download the wallpaper version, and make them remind you what to choose today.

This time IF topic is about ‘choose‘, it’s a deep topic for me, applicable to my everyday life,
for every thing, we can choose…

what we want to see,
what we want to hear and
what we want to speak,
so.. be wise then..

18 thoughts on “IF- Choose

  1. Oh man, I love these silly monkeys! And notice how the one in the middle is covering his ears AND also closing his eyes!Fantastic style!

  2. Your monkeys are just adorable! Your take on “Choice” is also very wise and thoughtful. Life is all about making choices everyday, all day long! I’m going to download your little monkeys to remind me. Thanks!

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