Decorating, save one spot to be tidy, sip a cup of coffee after the routines done.. it feels good.. 🙂
Even if the other rooms is messy, well at least you have this one to be enjoyed to.. *_^

:: in the walls it’s mika’s card making, the rabbit she called “AAUUt”– well, actually she named it after her random alphabet doodles.. 🙂

:: Books- books – books, randomly scattered all around the house, this is part of our books, books worth for me for illustration reference, and for her to find more to learn and admire, proudly book! And yes, they need more space..

:: And our little friends from sesame street, do you see the eggs? it’s almost easter, and it means ‘eggs decorating’ yaaay.. I’ll tell you about the green-spot-egg later….

2 thoughts on “

  1. this is how i like ’bout you, you’re always inspire me 🙂malemnya gue liat blog lu, keesokan harinya gue rapiin rak buku dan meja kerja dudi, hasilnya gue masih punya spot mungil untuk meja ratri, jadi skr kalo gue sibuk dikomputer, ratri ada disebelah gue sok sibuk juga… 🙂thx gin

  2. so sweet of you to share these images on your blog. My house is alwyas a total mess! LOL My two year old spreads his toys even in the bath tub… still we have a colorful house this way. And I see you have a colorful house too! 🙂Happy Easter to you and your family!Gaia

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