Drawing lesson

what’s that…?

it’s a comic mom.. about an eye.. 😀

and what do you have to pose like that..?
so I can look cool.. take a pic mom..now.. now.. , finished..?

a comic lesson,
on the top left is an example from me about how -to make a comic, the other is her…, it is amazing how fast a 4 years old could learn and understand a concept, all you have to do is give an easy example and leave the rest to them

10 thoughts on “

  1. chickenstrip: thank you!peer mamanya ya mikirin hari besok mau ngapain lagi ya hehehe *_*senur: sen, itu papan bekas yang ada lapisan kayu warna itemnya, dapet dari si emak, jadi g bikin papan tulis aja.. bikin aja sendiri sen, dipilox item doff kayaknya jadi deh 🙂 suruh bokaapnya 😀

  2. asik ya, punya papan tulis sendiri. dulu wkt kecil pingin banget punya papan tulis item yg kaya di sekolah, tp di rumah yang ada white board. ga tau, kayanya lebih asik aja pake papan tulis item. *aneh..*

  3. This is very cute Eugenia! I think is wonderful you are teaching this to your kids :o)I never got the email you said you were sending me. please feel free to email me. My gmail address is on my blog.

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