IF- Petpeeves

I don’t have time doing a decent illo, so I hope this one will fit the topic 🙂
A sketch on tissue during Easter Night Mass.. – colored with Photoshop

I see a little girl in front of me, probably with the same age as my daughter..
A 4 year old on an 2 hour Easter mass..
Dear God.. it must be the hardest time of her life… heeheee…

*actually it end up with a cry- I want to go home – mode.. :’)

and Happy Easter everybody! ^_^ what a busy week..!

20 thoughts on “IF- Petpeeves

  1. Sometimes, at least for me, those quick sketches come out better than things I slave over for hours. This is certainly very charming and lovely!

  2. Cute!!.. I think i had my share of experiences when i was a kid.. more of like going to a wedding ceremony..hehe..hate it those times

  3. I love seeing peoples sketches. This speaks to me because my Dad is a Baptist minister. I like how the little one is the only one in colour. Says alot. Very nice.

  4. I can remember those days. I don’t blame her, hee hee. Your sketch is wonderful. I love the spontaneity and expressiveness of your line. Nice job for a quickie.

  5. hmm.. spontaneous sketch. I love it very much. I can feel what her feelings that time.. i would be like that too. boohoo!

  6. gin, malam paskah 2 jam??? ditempat gue 3 jam dongs 😛 anak gue sampe biduran, jadinya 1 jam gue diluar gendong dia, padahal gue pake hak tinggi hueeeks…..

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