IF- Fail

Fail or success?
Choose what you see, does she success in learning how to wear her own socks, or fail because it didn’t match.. :’) Yes, a little bit of parenting things again :D. May we be blessed to see from the eyes of a child..

and by the way… I never though drawing a realistic child leg is quite difficult, maybe I should learn again to draw human anatomy.. :D, I have to erase the sketch again and again to finally find this result.. phew!

13 thoughts on “IF- Fail

  1. As for me its a success. 😀 They look cute when they are trying hard to put their socks on and come to show it to us and said,” Mama, I did it!”. haha. I love this illustration. It reminds me of my lil brother when he tries to put his shoes on. Good luck with drawing human anatomy. 🙂 Have a nice Monday. 😀

  2. A lovely idea! She has a success in my eyes! I believe you on the child’s leg. I too find it difficult at times to draw humans. I am much more in my comfort zone with cute little animals. Nice illo!

  3. All your hard work paid off, the legs look adorable and very well done and the little mouse looks very amused by the whole thing.Also, I like how you juxtaposed success and fail. Great job, Gina!

  4. Lovely drawing – you’ve got the cute chubbyness of the legs perfectly! One of my daughters is now 19 and wears odd socks on purpose! 😉

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