Simple Critter and Stencil

Whoa.. I never though stenciling could bring so much fun.. Thanks for Amanda from soulemama, this is our first attempt doing some, I think we’re gonna do it a lot from now on..

The first one is a success, so we try to make a bunny drawing on a shirt, but it seems a lot more chicken than a bunny.. 🙂

I think the little artist get a little too excited here..

Stenciling *in bahasa
1. Kertas bungkus nasi, yang coklat baliknya ada plastiknya itu

2. Gambar di bagian yang tidak berplastik

3. Potong gambar dengan art knives, supaya rapih- bagian yang dipotong adalah bagian yang nanti akan diwarnai
4. Setrika, nanti si kertas bungkusnya nempel deh
5. Warnai dgn cat tekstil

6. Copot kertasnya.. tadaaa.. jadi deh!

:: Again- critters from socks, fast version- the Ocmo..- Octo Monster.. . Note: I have to make one fast project, the easier it could be the better, or I might be ending doing it alone.. :’)

:: Lagi- boneka dari kaos kaki, kali ini versi cepetnya… si Ocmo..

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