21 days of creative exercises day 7

Workaholic Bunny Mom

the ideas is from my 2 sister who claim she would prefer to be a stay at home mom, but I think actually she’s a workaholic person, and being a workaholic person doesn’t mean one should work in the office right..? If I look at her, she just like a bunny, cannot sit calm, always jumping around here and there..

I love if she come and visit me, cause it means, tidiness is coming around, I remember when I’m back from school one day, and find that my room has changed into a ‘princess like room‘, I love the decoration and the beauty of it , very much, despite of the ‘pink color’ sis… if you read this, I bet you remember.. heehee

And this pink color scheme bunny is dedicated to my sisters, love you sis, and happy mothers day, children if you read this, do love your mom, ok! 🙂

And the quote for this illo is:
Do love your bunny! uhmmm.. I mean, do love your mother.. 😀 (and sister too… ) heehee..

13 thoughts on “

  1. Its Super Mom Bunny and she is fantastic! Love the fun little apron and the “Rocky Victory” pose she got going on. Really fun piece, thanks for sharing.

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