IF – Worry + 21 days of creative exercise day 15

Paan! How I love him, he have no worries at all.. and all the creatures love him!

This quotes is good, read this..

There’s no stopping the habitual worrier. Studies of worriers show that fretting actually makes them less anxious — at least while they’re in the midst of it. That’s because worrying gives the illusion of control. You think that by imagining all the worst things that could happen, you can have solutions in place beforehand. But the reality is that since you’ll never think of all the possibilities, your worrying work is never done. -Kathleen McGowan, “Little Worries, Big Fears: The Worry Cure”, October 17, 2007

12 thoughts on “IF – Worry + 21 days of creative exercise day 15

  1. Hi, your piece is fun and wonderful. Love that quote to, very interesting that worry gives one the illusion of control. Seems you could link this piece with inspire me Thursday as well, this week is whimsy.

  2. I am a worrier, so I thought the quote was very interesting! I love this piece, especially his legs and his sweet face 🙂

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