21 days of creative exercises+ IF sour

+ Oh when will I grow like them my dear bunny..

– Don’t worry my friend, for times fly so fast, and youth will be your next wish..

Are you familiar with something like this when you were young? Wanna be like a grown up, be able to do ‘anything‘,
well I think ‘ anything‘ could bring more consequences more than we wish for…, and after that, being a kid is all I want.. 🙂

And tadaaa.. this is my final exercises for the 21 creative exercises from Alicia, heehee.. finally did it, well I intend to postponed it a liiittle bit longer, but shame on me for being such a lazy person! And I couldn’t wait for another fun things like this again..

14 thoughts on “21 days of creative exercises+ IF sour

  1. I just adore your bunny and kitty… and yes, I can relate. We should be careful what we wish for, eh?I wish you could have done a tree, yours would have been splendid, I’m quite sure of that!

  2. Simply brilliant Gina,Saya suka kombinasi warna yang digunakan.Saya juga suka mimik muka yang ditunjukkan oleh kucing itu.🙂

  3. Oh oh.. This is so adorable. 🙂 yup yup i did think about this when i was young. able to go to work , no school. haha.

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