IF- routines

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a cat?
Sleep, stretch, sleep, change position… sleep, eat, take a walk, no wonder they have 9 lives to live hehee..

what a routines, I would like some right now 🙂

This is my recent work for children book about a little cat, I’ll let you know more when it’s done..

35 thoughts on “IF- routines

  1. Eugenia this is too cute!!! I absolutely love it!!! I often say that I’m a big cat disguised as a human and to me this would be the ideal routine. Fantastic job, can’t wait to see more of the book 🙂

  2. This is ADORABLE! I especially like the last frame where he finally rolls over and all we see is his back…he’s like, LEAVE ME ALONE! 🙂 Great!

  3. kadang2 saya juga suka pengen jadi kucing, gin. terutama kucing rumah yang kerjaannya cuma tidur, makan dan kawin. hahah. btw,buku baru yang mana nih?

  4. piyama kucingnya lucu, aseli saya suka. Oya, mbak Gina jadi kirim ATC nya? saya udah jadi tiggal kirim 🙂mbak main ke blog saya, ada gambar ATC saya

  5. I love the way you have drawn his little body! I always find cats are so hard to draw even though they are one of my favourite animals 🙂

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