Yaay another Award!

Got the creative blogger award from Monica- the art of Puro
It is always nice to have an award from a friend, between dateline and housework, between the rush of preparing the holiday and surving all the beautiful web, it really give me a booster,
thanks again Monica!

I would like to nominate these people, they are really creative, and know how to have fun
1. Gigi
2. Cata
3. Senta
4. Liz Conrad
5. Ria

You’re all a very talented people, keep up the good work and keep making people say: wooooow!! πŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “Yaay another Award!

  1. Gina, You may absolutely use that prayer on your blog. It is a nice one with a great message to remember. It went around on email a few years ago and I loved it! When I read Amanda’s post it reminded me of it. I googled for it and found it. Have a great day!

  2. Dear Eugenia Gina!You are so kind! Thank you indeed with all my heart!I always remember, you did the first comments in my blog.Grazie,grazie, grazie.Cata

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