1. My daughter – a unique creation, blessing from Above

2. The first children books – a beautiful achievement as a person

3. The joy of crafting and making things, so many possibilities and new things to learn

4. The nature that come to our daily life, and the awareness to enjoy the beauty of it

5. Our home, the feeling of happiness of a good clean pillow, the smell of a new air from a last night rain, and the spirit to keep it as a home

6. The illustrator circle of friends, with an amazing and challenging skill everyday, the warm comments and tips, you’re all make my day!

7. Every bit of a holiday warmth- not only Christmas, but every holiday when we could be together as a family, communicating, relaxing.. I think that’s why God creating Sunday, right?

8. Of our pet, Bunny and Moki, which is sometimes could be so joyfully irritating, and somehow are the fanatic loyal fans of these human beings- who haven’t really realize how they have make our day brighter

9. My family. Nothing can describe how precious and how I’m honored to have them as part of my life. Thanks God

3 thoughts on “2008

  1. Looks like you had a wonderful year too! Keep on creating..keep on be grateful, Gin. We only here for a short visit after all. Hugs from here!

  2. Hi Gin. You’re such a talented person. I’m proud to have you as my friend :)I wish you more success in this year. Great achievement in 2008! Bravo ……

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