Published book- Paman Oranye "Uncle Orange"

Paman Oranye- My recent published Children Book

Little Empus – In Indonesia we call a cat with ” Pus, pus..” like ‘Here,Kitty- kitty.. ‘ in English The story is about little Empus, a siamese cat with a big curiosity of why Uncle Orange- an orange stray cat, could look younger than the other cat, and his journey to find the secret of forever young šŸ™‚

I draw Empus with color pencil, adn finished it in Corel Painter, with the help of the manual tracing tools, yes- very manual- an acrylic board and a 15 watt neon light. So here he is, welcome Empuss!

:: Details of Empus

5 thoughts on “Published book- Paman Oranye "Uncle Orange"

  1. Gin, Empusnya lucuuuuu bangeds..Udah ada di Gramedia? Kalo udah mau lgs ke sono..hihi.biar tau rahasia forever young.

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