IF- Time

Little D can’t wait until tomorrow…!

I feel like little D right now, I can’t wait until ‘the’ book comes out, I’m talking about the Christopher Paolini’s book- Brisingr, the Indonesian version. I looove dragon!

got the e-book format but I’m a traditional person, and like more a traditional way to read a book, a book that I can easily open it whenever I want, anytime, anywhere.. err do you think I need a reader? we’ll see about it 🙂
Anyway, the trilogy is awesome,well it’s not Lord of the ring, but still I’m waiting for it to come…, the last time is when I’m waiting for HP book!

11 thoughts on “IF- Time

  1. Very cute dragon and his tiny bee friend are so sweet. Great work, Eugenia!Thanks for your comment. I’m glad to be feeling inspired again 🙂

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