The Costume- Leaves Children

This is the sketch for Mika school performances on March 2009 for the ‘Leaf‘ costume, there will be a modifying here and there for the costume, because of the budget, and a lot of great new ideas from the parents. I really like the process, soon as the costume is ready, I’ll make sure to post it right away. And there gonna be a children ‘butterflies, caterpillar, zoo animal, grass‘, and many more, aren’t they cute!

4 thoughts on “The Costume- Leaves Children

  1. Gin…this is so cute..How about making the stocking green too?:-) Ayo…celup pake dylon, biar tambah seru…hehe. Oh ya, thank you so much for the banner html. Tapi beneran, bingung pisan gimana ngerubahnya dari yang lama karena batasnya banner yang lama gua ngga jelas sampe mana. Takut kacau. Hiks.Gimana ya,any idea?

  2. Cool…cute banget. Can’t wait to see the result 😀 Oya, umur berapa aja kayaknya bisa mulai main biola kok, asal ukuran biolanya sesuai, dan asal anaknya udah tertarik untuk main 😀

  3. I can’t wait to see this costume!! But you know what, I even love your little sketch itself too, its so adorable. Its going to be so good…I know it!

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