We love details. It could teach us about patience, patience, and patience heehee..

This was Papa’s playthings, it’s a little bit dusty and were torn apart here and there, but it still nice to play with it, I think this stuff was the first form of pixel art design 🙂

:: Helloo NeeeeMooooooo!

:: And this is the today toy stuff, Beados, quite cute too don’t you think?

And one more sad thing, we lost the caterpillar, it did not make into a butterfly, I think the environment make a big deal, rest in peace dear Katie..

2 thoughts on “Details

  1. iya sen, yang pertama, krn aku salah, pas dia jadi mau jadi kepompong kan kayak berubah warna – aku kirain mati- dibuang ke got khkhkhkh!2. Berhasil jadi kepompong, tp ngak kuat keluar- mgkn kurang makan3. Udah mau jadi kepompong, ditaruh di pohon diluar, eh mental kena angin, matik juga.. sigh!

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