Being a leaf is sooo ‘green’ :)

I’m so occupied these days, the books illustration and deadlines are getting closer, but I love this job, thanks God for that 🙂

this is the performance that my daughter perform last week, as a leaf among the 3o other leaves on school, they are cute aren’t they?

Putting those make up on them surely tiring, but the result make us happy than ever..

:: The caterpillars

:: Carnivals of animals

8 thoughts on “Being a leaf is sooo ‘green’ :)

  1. momo: and looking at the others costume are fun too..atsi: and do you still want to wear it after the performance? My daughter insist to wear her costume after that.. 😀

  2. Wow,Gin. Such amazing costumes! And the pictures you took here were also great! You change your camera? Or you must be developing your skill secretly…hmmm…..

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