I’m crazy about frame lately. white frame. brown frame. black frame. Big. small. medium frame. Love them all. And they all confusing me, like shouting, asking me to give them a nice place to be hang somewhere..

And I promise them that I’ll give them a nice place and pictures inside them. And these are some of the first batch that already have a comfort place πŸ™‚

:: In the living room

:: In my daughter bedroom, the flying little guy on a blue flower seed

16 thoughts on “Frame

  1. These pictures and their frames are simply delicious!!! Oh how fabulous and I'm feeling really inspired right now to hang some pictures. Love the picture of the girls with the blue flowers flying in the wind. So sweet.

  2. vantiani, aku belinya di Jonas bandung, di arteri pondok indah jg ada kayaknya cabangnya Jonas, harganya terjangkau lagi hehehe πŸ˜€ happy hunting frame ya..

  3. coba dipajang dalam frame batikku, pasti lebih cantik lagiii hihihihi.. tetep jualan.. eniwei, gambarmu bagus2 bangeeeeet, kita harus bikin proyek bareng nih πŸ˜‰

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