I wish for *_*

What would you do if you have 3 ongoing parallel project..? *_*

I’ll wish for a long holiday at the farm, with no disturbance, a lot of animal friend and family, like this.., and then when I get back all the project has been done. Click. Just like that.

Oh well! Quit that dream and get back to work! make priorities- Go!Go! Go!

7 thoughts on “I wish for *_*

  1. yeah, banyak kerja tapi jadi banyak income kan? hihi… sepadan deh.

    kalo kita dikasih 3 projek barengan, yah nunggu mba gina bangun aja deh, kita tidur dan pas bangun… klik… udah dikerjain…

  2. Adorable as always. It's been great, over the past two years watching your work get stronger and stronger. Simply brilliant!

    Haven't been blogging much lately, but when I heard about the earthquake in your neck of the woods, I got concerned and wanted to check in! Hope all is well!

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