Books- Crocodile Tears "Air mata buaya"

I fell with this one, when I first read the story.
It’s about a sensitive little crocodile who really, really, easily cry whenever something bad happened, but this time he really give a real tear from the bottom of his heart, not a crocodile tears as in the idioms, and this story so fun to illustrate that make me want to make it as comical and ‘silly’ but also cute for the children.

And it was about 6 months ago, when I was called by one f my favorite children book author in Indonesia, Clara Ng.

Quite a surprise, and I was more surprised when I found out that I was going to work with my illustrator friends in these book series, the series are called a 7 minutes story, there are 7 books each illustrated beautifully by 4 different illustrators. We shared process and encouraged each other during the making of these books, I’m really happy that I could experienced this. Girls you’re all great!
So again, enjoyed!

:: The sketches when the monkey unintentionally splat a green paint into the yummy porridge. Ugh! *_*

5 thoughts on “Books- Crocodile Tears "Air mata buaya"

  1. bagus banget ci Ginaaa 😀 duh aku minder kalo liat angle2 mu…ntar kamu liat punyaku semuanya front angle gitu…blah…hahahah 😀
    thank you too for all the sharing during the process 🙂 Karena baru pertama, it really meant a lot *hugs*

  2. cecil, makasiiii, aku jg suka karyamu
    ella, ayo semangaat, jgn minder ah, gambarmu juga oke banget laa.. *_*!

    alina, I'm learning from the pro! loves your work too 🙂

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