Second hand treasure :)

I found these lovely- lovely book in our local market, after several visits, look what we’ve found, I don’t know who is more excited in finding these books, me or my daughter.. err,, we compete in this thing! 😀

::  Calvin and hobbes, little prince, little golden book, Hairy Mc Larry* I love the illustration and rhyme, and Martine, in Indonesia the name becomes ‘Susi’

 :: dream inside a dream! Scarry! *_*

:: On our second visit these is what we’ve found, another Hairy Mc Larry book and Martine becomes a ballerina

:: Martine, I love Marcel Marlier talent and details, I found the fans group on flickr here

9 thoughts on “Second hand treasure :)

  1. gue juga pernah nemu toko buku yang menjual buku2 second impor gin, girangnya bukan maen, kalo anak gue malah tertarik maen diplayground drpd hunting buku sama emaknya 😛

  2. sen, emaknya kan juga tertarik selain bukunya, 'harga'nya itu lhoo.. kan asik sekali heeeeehe, g lagi nyariin mika buku2 inggris yg simpel2 gitu sen.. sekalian cari yg ilustrasinya asik2 😀

  3. oh my! aku iriiii, ini dapet di toko buku mana? can u please fill me in w details? susah banget carinya, i found one di toko buku bekas di bandung *lupa namanya sigh.. thanks sebelumnya atas infonya 😀

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