To Market!

Almost every week we go to ‘pasar’ – local market. There’s so much to see in there, and somehow I could find my happiness in here, despite all the heat , busy, clattered things around you, there’s so much to see here, the mutual transaction between the seller and the buyer, all the fresh things that you could find and see, a rather non artificial feelings – if you know what I mean :).

I don’t know why, I love the traditional things lately- maybe gonna use the traditional mail rather than email for this year Christmas card.. hmm, and trying  to sew again- well wish me luck for this one.

:: A ‘Padang restaurant’, looking at this make me drool again, I love Padang food.

:: Things, things, things
the wood board is a ‘washing board’, the truly invention before the ‘washing machine’ eh..?

:: and eat…

 :: and drink! Fresh coffee for 5000 Rp,-

4 thoughts on “To Market!

  1. yay for local markets!
    warnanya, suaranya, aromanya, sangat menyenangkan ya gina!
    happy to see these pictures and that iced coffee!

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