Kelir Calendar

Remember about the Kelir Community, the indonesian Children Books Illustrator Community?
Well as we have a great opportunity last year with all the exhibition and workshop, the community wants to give a little thank you stuff from the illustrator for the sponsor that was give a lot of help by giving them a calendar,
this calendar will represent illustration of kids from many region in Indonesia, saying ‘thank you in their own language.

I choose the Irian children, where is Irian? I would be glad if you take time and find out it here :).
Irian is a province in Indonesia that needs more attention because of the development and education in these province is still growing. Along with the richness of its flora and fauna, nowadays Irian has become known for the diving areas in Rajaampat, this place is really really beautifull, I wish someday I could go there.

So, I draw this Irian boys along with his will to learn, with pencil and paper, along with his teacher, the Cendrawasih bird.. 🙂 up in the trees saying Amanai– Thank You!

6 thoughts on “Kelir Calendar

  1. eh, skr udah gak irian deh mbak, skr namanya Papua, trus udah dibagi 2 jg, Prov Papua ma Papua barat, trus yg raja ampat itu di Papua Barat. er…kalendernya gak ada yg dibagiin gratis gitu ya… hihihi ngarep

  2. Waaha.. Aku baru tau! Maklum acuannya jaman SMA melulu, thks for the info hihi, btw. Sikalender ini blom nyampe ditangan jg nih, nanti kl ada aku kabar2i yah 😀

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