Practice in life

rolling.. rolling .. rolling…
♪ ♫ music playing..
rolling.. rolling .. rolling…
♪ ♫ music again.. ♪ ♫

:: You know, when you put your child into a music lesson,  there’s a few consideration that a parents should anticipate, mind about the imperfect noise, what I mean is the up and down of mastering one song into another, the skill of how you encourage your children even when you know that the difficulties is beyond your skill, but bettween the process we both learn a lot about life, of how you get the perfection on every note and on the next second it’s just slipped like that.. we did that in life too, and we all just have to practice too.. a lot 🙂

:: Meet the second artist, Blackie aka Siitem 😀

6 thoughts on “Practice in life

  1. hahahahahaha ci ini lucu bangetttttt bisa pas gitu musiknya mulai, si item mulai menggelinding, dan pas musiknya brenti, dia juga brenti nabrak bangku huahaha *laikkkk*

  2. waah kereeen bisa main biola mika…! bagus lagunya, joyfull joyfull? *korban sister act saya*

    ci gina, konsep videonya lucuuu.. si marmut roliing rolling. apa hamster?

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