A little bit of Tintinism :)

:: My recent entry for Kelir, this month topic is about ‘Tintin’ 🙂 just click the picture to see it bigger
and Djamboel means ‘top knot’ in Indonesia..

There’s a little bit euphoria about ‘Tintin’ in my house recently, I’ve been a fans of  Herge since I’m in elementary school, my dad was a huge fans of Tintin too, there’s always a quarrel between us, there’s 6 of us, about who’s gonna read it first…

Now it is a little bit melancholic for me, it’s more than an ordinary piece of a comic book, the way it make my daughter laugh, the way it ‘still’ and ‘used to’ make me laugh, there’s something classical inside it..

and I’m glad the movies captured my expectation of the character quite well, but still, I love the books more 🙂

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