book for a birthday boy

I’m doing a book for a birthday boy 🙂 this is a lit-tle sneak peek on the progress, how interesting.. 🙂
It’s about a boy who like to play with  a bunch of friendly monster 🙂

:: tracing the sketch with lightbox..

:: Watercolor on paper with lots of  sweet colors and yummy trees :), we don’t want the kids getting afraid of the monster, right?

6 thoughts on “book for a birthday boy

  1. I love seeing your process posts. With the light-box, the sketches and the finished product. Great work! I'm so glad I found your blog.

  2. suka liat karya2nya mbak gina…
    aku juga suka gambar tapi nggak bisa bagus mewarnainya…
    boleh tau nggak mbak kalo mewarnai pake ap?cat air atau di edit di photoshop?
    thx mbak 🙂

    nb: blh minta almt email mbak gina?

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