Book: Cap Go Meh

Finally done! Been doing this 15 spread books illustration in 2 weeks, errgg I’m so tired and so overwhelmed at the same time! I really love the story line because it really take a lot of courage to lift the topic of different religion and race in Indonesia, I hope this book could give a positive mind set for those who read it, that all religion is good, it is us, as human being, who have to learn a lot more about humanity and tolerance, no matter what race are we, what religion are we…

So.. enjoy.. 🙂

Cap Go Meh

By Sofie Dewayani and Eugenia Gina

Nisa, a Muslim girl, and Lili, a Chinese-Indonesian, debate over whether lontong Cap Go Meh is the genuine icon of Eid Al-Fitr tradition or Chinese New Year celebration. After sharing the excitement of experiencing each celebration, both end up discovering what is more essential; that a dish is able to bridge diversity. 

Lontong Cap Go Meh represents the Indonesian melting pot. Consisting of rice cake, chicken curry, along with several other side dishes, it characterizes the interwoven of Chinese, Malay, and the local Javanese cultural tapestry.

4 thoughts on “Book: Cap Go Meh

  1. Congratulations, Gina,
    Everything we can do about differences, racial, religious or otherwise, between human beings, always, always, is a positive task that fills our soul and our heart.
    Unfortunately, sometimes we feel that our contribution is a small grain of sand in the desert. but no matter, sometimes a grain of sand can stop large gears, do not you think so?

  2. Dear Mba Gina,oo
    I really love your drawing since I saw it in Clara Ng's books for children.
    Mba Gina, could I ask you a favour? Currently I'm writing children stories too. And I'm so puzzled because I can't find any illustrator. Would you be so kind and draw for me? ;p
    Thank you very much.

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