I’m not weird. I am limited edition

Got an influenza these days, a headache, and end up with doodling on the sketch book, you know the usual 100 grams paper, for sketch. But after several strokes I just wanted to try a little more strokes, and color it, first I use a carbon pencil but somewhat, I just hink that this sketch need more than just a pencil, si I decided to color it with my watercolor, a watercolor on a sketch paper, yap. A little wrinkles on the paper and this is the result.

I’m not weird. I am limited editionπŸ˜€ Love this quotes!
It’s some kind of semihuman-cat mutan, that have a weird different shape of eyes, make it ackward but yet beautiful in its own way.
I think human also like that, we all have many differences that make people with certain kind of type, put a stamp on our head that called “weirdos”. And on this place called earth we could survived it and stand up high- we are limited edition. πŸ™‚weird 2l
weird small

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