Poem Illustration

Never done this before, when ibu Nana from Lembaga Seni & Sastra Reboeng contact me to do some illustration for her book, a compilation book of children poems. At first I’m smiling at how this children described their feeling in poem, some poem are very children-angle-described, but surprisingly there are 1 or 2 poem that are quite deep. Interesting.

These are 2 poem taken from compilation, the first one is about the flight accidident Air Asia QZ 8501, and the second one is about disappointment &  complaints. Part of it is below.


I meet the Lord

The Lord says: “I’m going to rent a taxi for you to return to earth!”

I answer nothing

And the Lord immediately kicks me to earth

I fall into the sea

Still lucky I am not dead

And the rescue team finds me





Our voices and
Our complaints

Are like rubbish                      
Oh, cry me a river
Looking at the misery


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