Storyteller? :D

Telling stories?

I’m an illustrator, not a story teller.
And this mindset changed, after I joined this workshop. Laughing from mouth to mouth, I feel like I becoming a little girl again. This workshop was held by KPBA Murti Bunanta, with Margaret MacDonald and  Alton Chung as the facilitator. Great teacher they are, and what inspiring me is their enthusiasm when they share their technique, so effective and to the point. In 6 hours workshop here is the point that I get from them.

photo by Renny Yaniar

Tips from Margaret

photo by Renny Yaniar

Learn the  Stories
1. Choose your stories, the one that you really like
2. Read it aloud and re listen again *record it
3. Memorize the first line and the last end of the story, you can always modified the rest of it, but never forget how you want to begin and end the story, or else you might get ‘lost in action’ 😀
4. Pay attention on the sound speed and accent.
5. There are no right or wrong in telling a folklore, be creative, make your own way to tell the story, If you like to use props, use it. If you feeling likely to use only your body, use it.
6. Retold and practice again without using the book.


The performances
1. Pause before you start.
2. First sentences is your charm, pick wisely
3. Look at your audiences, communicate with them.
4. Control your pace when you’re telling the story. Slowly, fast… It’s your way, go ahead.
5. Listen to your own words. Use beautiful words
6. Act if you are confidence 😀
7. Perfect ending is your magic word
8. Pause after the closing. And you’re done.

Tips from Alton


What is relevant for me is, how you manage your stage fright, here is what he said:

Use your energy, focus the fear and change it into an energy that help you to tell the stories, focus on what you do. What I get is, we have to throw away the fear of thinking ‘what if’ ‘is my way of telling the stories good enough’ ‘ why that one children yawn’ etc etc.

Alton have a very bright articulation, very powerful voice that can attract audience from the very noisy room into a silent audiences with enthusiasm. He said that we have to always practicing our voice by actualizing it , but don’t be hard on your voice because if you overworked it, it  could damage , and you just don’t want it to happen , right?

What matter in children storytelling is:  body gesture, vocal changing character, and movement.
You could see his youtube and pay attention to the element there, it is great!

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